Your Kid Is Not The Problem

Acting out behavior in most teens reflects an incompatibility between their skills and the demands being placed upon them by their environment.

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Acting Out Behavior

Whining, Pouting, Sulking, Crying

Screaming, Swearing, Hitting, Lying

Drinking, Drugging, Self-harm, Violence

Their Behavior Is Not The Problem

Challenging kids will always look bad when they are challenged beyond their capacity to respond effectively.

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The Problem Is Lagging Developmental Skills


Executive Functioning

Paying attention, organizing, planning and prioritizing.

Starting tasks and staying focused on them to completion.

Self-monitoring (keeping track of what they're doing)

Language Processing

Focusing on the important sounds in a noisy setting.

Recalling what you’ve heard, either immediately or when you need it later.

Understanding and recalling the order of sounds and words. 

Emotional Regulation

Having the ability to manage disruptive emotions and impulses.

Controlling one's behavior, emotions, and thoughts in the pursuit of long-term goals. 

Responding in a manner that is socially tolerable and sufficiently flexible

Social Skills

Listening, following directions, and refraining from interrupting.

Demonstrating empathy and rapport.

Recognizing non-verbal gestures of body language.

Problem Solving

Identifying the issue and understanding everyone's interests.

Listing the possible solutions options.

Evaluating the options and selecting one.

Punishments & Rewards Not Working?

Rather than reacting to their behavior, help your teen discover effective ways to respond to situations they find challenging.

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Teen Services

Teen Coaching


Empowering teenagers, by teaching them the social and emotional coping skills necessary to thrive in this world.

Teen Counseling


Guiding teens through creative discussions  to uncover and address current challenges that they are struggling with. 

Teen Mentoring


Encouraging teens to create a vision of the experience of life that they would like to have, and supporting them in that goal.

Helping Parents To Understand Their Teen

Before learning the more complex skills of goal-setting, time management and social skills, teens need to develop the coping skills necessary to respond to criticism, disappointment, and change.

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FREE Parent Consultation

As an experienced teen therapist, I can help assess any challenge your teen may be experiencing and offer you effective recommendations for solving the problem. 

The best time to consult with me is when you have noticed changes in your teen’s behavior — impacting their ability to connect with others and cope with their challenges. 

I specialize in working with teens & young adults—from all cultural backgrounds—whose path of development is a little more complex than others

* LA Parenting Teens Coach in Santa Monic

Teens Need Flexibility, Adaptability & Frustration Tolerance To:

  • Get to school on time
  • Do homework
  • Manage feelings
  • Make new friends
  • Clean their room 
  • Take “No” for an answer

I can help

Parenting Support

Free Initial Parent Consult


I do a thorough assessment of the situation to give you my most helpful recommendations. 

Parent Coaching


I support parents in slowing down, setting and maintaining firm boundaries, and healing their relationship with their teen.

6-Week Private Parenting Class


Ongoing support to better understand your child and change the dynamics at home. (Includes workbook and email support)

An Innovative Approach To Raising Happy Healthy Teens

I specialize in helping emotionally intense teens, expand their “window of tolerance,” so they are less triggered into states of acute stress, rage, tension, panic and anxiety.   

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The Sensitive Suffer More

I teach teenagers who do not fit nicely/neatly into society’s mold how to find their tribe, and discover that place where their gifts are actually celebrated, and not merely tolerated. 

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Sandra Dupont MA, MS, MFT

10+ years as a Respectful Parenting Coach in Los Angeles

Looking Beyond Diagnoses

I understand what teens need in terms of support and guidance, and can teach them the skills they are lacking -- and how to apply them in their daily lives.

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