LA Teen Whisperer
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For Emotionally Intense Teens & their Parents

Helping teens strengthen their flexibility, adaptability & frustration tolerance.

Services Offered

Teen Coaching

Empowering teenagers, by teaching them the social and emotional coping skills necessary to thrive in this world.

Teen Counseling

Guiding teens through creative discussions  to uncover and address the current challenges that they are struggling with. 

Teen Mentoring

Encouraging teens to create a vision of the experience of life that they would like to have, and supporting them in that goal.

FREE Parent Consultation

The best time to consult with me is when you have noticed changes in your teen’s behavior — impacting their ability to connect with others and cope with their challenges. 

As an experienced teen therapist, I can help assess any challenge your teen may be experiencing and offer you effective recommendations for solving the problem. 

I specialize in working with teens & young adults—from all cultural backgrounds—whose path of development is a little more complex than others

* LA Parenting Teens Coach in Santa Monica

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Meet Sandra Dupont MFT

10+ years as a Respectful Parenting Coach in Los Angeles

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* LA Parenting Teens Coach in Santa Monica